A Chemistry Curriculum for Texas Classrooms

Where Wonder and Science Connect

Meet Texas Experience Chemistry — an exciting, innovative way to teach chemistry. Featuring thought-provoking phenomena that will engage students, Texas Experience Chemistry is a curriculum in which student learning is based on doing science.

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100% Built for Texas Classrooms

Transform your Texas classroom with Texas Experience Chemistry, a groundbreaking approach that combines scientific inquiry and curiosity. Engage every student in relevant phenomena and real-world inquiry by allowing them to DO science.

  • Fully-aligned with the new TEKS, SEPs, and ELPS
  • Engages students on all levels with interactive resources and activities
  • Exclusive Partnership with Flinn Scientific® for exceptional inquiry labs, virtual reality experiences, performance assessments, and engineering design challenges


Engage with Phenomena-driven Instruction

Drive scientific inquiry and exploration through captivating phenomena.

  • Introduce relevant phenomena with teacher demonstrations and captivating videos.
  • Develop a deep understanding of chemistry concepts in your students through engaging sense-making activities.
  • Foster experiential learning with hands-on investigations that connect students to the real world.

Support that Empowers Every Learner

Students experience a comprehensive, personalized learning path through engaging activities that provide meaningful connections to the real world.

  • Prepare ALL learners with additional math supports, differentiated labs, and accessibility tools.
  • Simplify complex concepts for students with vivid images, student-led videos, and engaging simulations.
  • Bridge content to real-world careers and help students develop essential readiness skills.


Save Time, Maximize Impact

Maximize instructional time with flexible implementation options and editable engaging resources that meet all TEKS and ELPS requirements.

  • Choose the Fast Track or extend learning with additional resources.
  • Teach with precision using customizable assessments and targeted resources.
  • Streamline lesson prep and save time with editable, scripted presentations.

Powerful Partnerships

Our exclusive partnership with Flinn Scientific® and other elite partners motivate and excite Texas students through student-led videos, immersive simulations, interactive virtual labs, and hands-on activities.


Experience where wonder and science connect.

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