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TEKS Resources for Texas Educators

Savvas offers education curriculum built specifically for Texas educators and aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Our engaging digital experiences make learning more interactive, accessible, and equitable for students in Grades K-12.

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Your trusted partner in educating today’s students for tomorrow’s world.


Core Solutions for Texas

Texas-specific programs to help Texas students and teachers meet the TEKS and ELPS.


Supplemental and Intervention

Resources to improve outcomes and allow for individual learner differences.


Career & Technical Education

Resources built for Texas to empower your students with much-needed 21st Century Skills.


AP & Electives

Official distributor for Pearson in offering effective, hands-on content in AP and Electives programs.


Savvas Realize

Our award-winning LMS now features an enhanced dashboard, deeper integrations, and great collaboration tools.


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Savvas Realize Learning
Management System

Welcome to the award-winning Savvas Realize™ learning management system. It’s the digital home of more than 1000 interactive Savvas programs. Savvas Realize moves learning forward to better serve each student, teacher, and school system.


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