Reading Language Arts for Texas Educators

Words Their Way

Words Their Way

Recognized as an effective instruction and intervention program by the American Institute for Research, Words Their Way develops foundational skills, spelling and vocabulary while differentiating instruction at each student’s developmental level. Words Their Way is correlated to the TEKS for English Language Arts and Reading.

The program is also available in Spanish (Palabras a su Paso) and is based on Spanish orthographic principles.

Leveled Readers

Leveled Readers K-5

Savvas offers a wide variety of leveled readers. Contact your AGM for information about Ready Readers, iOpeners and Scott Foresman Leveled Readers.

enVisionMATH 2.0 Texas

Dictionaries K-12

Please Contact your AGM for more information on all K-12 Dictionaries.

Scott Foresman Dictionaries K-8

  • Scott Foresman Pictionaries
  • First Dictionaries
  • Thorndike-Barnhart
  • Dictionaries (Elementary and Intermediate)
  • Scott Foresman Writer’s Thesaurus

Longman Dictionaries K-12

Longman dictionaries contain noncircular definitions that draw from high-frequency vocabulary. Our comprehensive range of dictionaries feature easy-to-understand definitions, clear example sentences, and hundreds of supporting photos and illustrations.

Longman dictionaries are comprehensive vocabulary resources that go beyond a collection of reference information. These dictionaries support academic language development, vocabulary acquisition, and student writing at the appropriate learning level for the student. Clear and understandable definitions, example sentences and vocabulary substitution strategies support word learning.

Prentice Hall Grammar Handbook Grades 6-12

Prentice Hall Grammar Handbook Grades 6-12

This handy reference provides exercises for every rule, guides students throughout each stage of the writing process with the Writers Resource and English Learner’s Resource sections

The handbook includes mentor text and tips from well-known writing expert Jeff Anderson, M.Ed.

Prentice Hall Novel Collection Grades 6-12

Prentice Hall Novel Collection Grades 6-12

Novels designed to accommodate a wide variety of reading levels—from emerging to struggling and advanced readers.  Please contact your AGM for more information.


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