Interactive Science Research Base

Interactive Science for grades K-8 is based on the most meaningful research and best practices from academic research and from some of the most highly regarded experts in science education. What results is a program rooted in sound learning approaches, teaching strategies, and ideas to engage all learners, to maximize their learning, so that they can apply their thinking.

These effect sizes translate to Savvas Interactive Science students being 18 percentile points higher than control students on the Developed Science test, and 13 percentile points higher on the TerraNova science test.

– ­PRES Associates, Inc. – An Independent Evaluation Company



Prove it? No problem!

Interactive Science conducted a research study with PRES Associates, as well as Magnolia Consulting, both independent educational research firms, to conduct pilots and testing.

Students showed a statistically significant improvement from pre- to post-testing after using the Interactive Science program. Students improved their performance as measured by multiple-choice, fill in the blank, and constructed response items. Below you will find the final reports of these study.



Full year efficacy study

Interactive Science was also evaluated in a full year efficacy study with the independent research firm (PRES Associates). Below you will find the final report of this study.

Proven Success: Efficacy Study