What is Interactive Science?

Interactive Science ©2011 is a standards-based, next generation elementary and middle grades science program that features an innovative write-in student edition that connects the big ideas of science to students lives.

How is the program organized?

Interactive Science features three paths that let teachers teach it their way: text, inquiry, and digital. Focus on one path or blend all three together. The text path includes our innovative write-in student edition and the DK Big Ideas of Science Reference Library. The inquiry path features our hands-on labs and activities scaffolded for all learners. The digital path features our next generation online learning environment where teachers can connect with students, manage their classes, and customize to their teaching style.

Interactive Science Program Overview


How does the pricing work?

With Interactive Science you get more for your money with a student edition and workbook rolled into one. Our write-in student edition is the same price as a regular hardcover textbook. All you do is pay once the first year and you'll receive FREE replacement write-in student editions shipped directly to your classroom every year for the life of your schools' adoption.

Interactive Science Pricing


I don’t see any hands-on activities in the student edition..where are the labs?

Interactive Science features in-depth hands-on inquiry opportunities throughout each lesson offering more inquiry in more places. Interactive Science’s student edition features a yellow Labzone symbol in all of the student and teacher edition pages which indicates that it’s time for an hands-on inquiry activity. The Labzone symbol references our comprehensive teacher’s lab manual where a teacher will find a wide-variety of black line master resources to conduct all of their hands-on inquiry labs.

Is this program environmentally conscious?

Yes! Interactive Scienc e uses paper from 100% sustainable forests which in turn leaves a smaller environmental footprint than other recycled papers.

What happens if a student leaves my school and I’m short a write-in student edition?

Interactive Scienceis flexible enough so that if a stude nt leaves your class mid-way through a school year you can easily order a single replacement copy at a significant discount shipped directly to your school. It’s also possible to purchase extra student editions up front at the time of your adoption.

How does this program address differentiated instruction and EL learners?

Interactive Science utilizes interactive, visual, and differentiated learning strategies to address the needs of all learners. Our hands-on activities are scaffolded for all learners featuring a wide-variety of directed and open ended inquiry labs. Our write-in students edition features engaging visuals that frontload vocabulary and that relate directly to the content serving as important visual cues for English Language Learners. Our teacher’s edition offers differentiated instruction recommendations at point of use for each page in the student edition.

Is the program research based?

Yes! Interactive Science has conducted an independent research study with PRES ASSOCIATES. Pilot studies were conducted in 3 separate states around the country. For more information, please contact your local sales representative.

How is assessment treated in the program?

Interactive Science features a wide-variety of assessment opportunities. In every lesson students have the opportunity to self-assess with the “Got it?” assess your understanding sentence frames. At the end of each chapter you’ll find a detailed test prep customized to your states test format. Additionally, our Progress Monitoring Assessments and Exam View Computerized Test Bank provide further assessment opportunities.

What is the instructional model for the program?

Interactive Science utilizes the Understanding By Design® framework to helps students uncover answers to the big ideas of science, leading students to a deeper understanding of the science concepts. Grant Wiggins, creator of Understanding by Design® framework , is one of the main program authors. Interactive Science also structures each lesson by the 5E learning cycle (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate).


UNDERSTANDING BY DESIGN® and UbD™ are trademarks of ASCD, and are used under license.