All buildings and homes in the United States use forms of heating, cooling, and ventilation to maintain comfort. The increasing advancement of HVAC technology causes employers to recognize the importance of continuous education to keep pace with the latest equipment and techniques.

NCCER’s HVAC program has been designed by highly qualified subject matter experts. The four levels present an apprentice approach to the HVAC field including theoretical and practical skills essential to your success as an HVAC technician.


About NCCER Curricula

NCCER is a not-for-profit 501( c)(3) education foundation established in 1996 by the world’s largest and most progressive construction companies and national construction associations. The NCCER Standardized Curricula was developed by NCCER in partnership with Pearson Education to establish consistent, standardized curriculum for the construction industry.

Some features of the NCCER Standardized Curricula are as follows:

  • An industry-proven record of success
  • Curricula developed by the industry, for the industry
  • National standardization providing portability of learned job skills and education credits
  • Well-illustrated, up-to-date, and practical information

NCCER also maintains the NCCER Registry, which provides transcripts, certificates, and wallet cards to individuals who have successfully completed a level of training within a craft in NCCER’s Curricula.



Enhance Your Students’ Experience with NCCERconnect

NCCERconnect is a powerful online training solution ideal for students and teachers in the construction trades whether in a classroom or a remote environment.


Students’ resources include the complete eText, engaging videos and animations, real-world projects, as well as interactive and automatically graded quizzes and assessments.


For teachers, the platform is completely customizable and includes comprehensive course management tools to make preparing, teaching, and reporting easier and more effective.


Discipline: Career & Technical Education

Copyright: 2019

Grade(s): 9 - 12

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Device: Smartphone, Tablet, Computer

Operating System: iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS

Funding Sources: Carl D. Perkins, ESSER

HVAC Level 1, Fifth Edition, NCCER

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