myPerspectives™ English Language Arts for Texas


Balanced Language Arts and Reading
for Grades 6-8

“The teaching of literature needs to focus on engaging a new generation of learners,” writes author Ernest Morrell. myPerspectives Texas is a 21st century, balanced Language Arts and Reading curriculum built for the new TEKS. It provides powerful teaching opportunities through multi-genre texts, media-rich literacy, collaboration, and authentic reading and writing experiences. Create a student-centered, literacy-rich classroom. Integrate reading, writing, speaking, and listening with purposeful technology. myPerspectives Texas helps middle school students see the world in new ways and promotes their ideas and their stories.

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myPerspectives for Texas, Grade 6
myPerspectives for Texas, Grade 7
myPerspectives for Texas, Grade 8

Create Your Story

Built for the NEW Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills


Inspire Learning

Authentic, multi-genre texts engage readers and writers with purpose and passion using a rich mix of print, media, and technology. Lessons are highly interactive, collaborative, and student-centric to encourage creative and critical thinking.

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Reach All Students

A gradual release model builds on students’ prior ideas and knowledge, while helping you differentiate for understanding. Each unit lets you teach in the most supportive way possible—from whole-class learning, to peer-group learning, to independent learning.

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Teach Your Way

Flexible resources and assessment practices help you be intentional, informed, and effective in adapting to students’ needs. Leverage dozens of TEKS-aligned resources. myPerspectives Texas empowers you to innovate, reflect, and use what works best.

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Technology Tools to Engage Students and Save You Time

The Realize digital platform is easy and intuitive. Access all your digital resources from one source with a single sign-on.

  • TEKS-based resources and instruction
  • Flexible management tools and online assessments
  • Student and class performance data available instantly
  • Customize program content or upload other content into your lessons
  • Assignable auto-graded activities save you time and provide students immediate feedback
  • Realize Reader eText accessibility online and offline
  • Full Google and OpenEd integration

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Grants and Funding
  • SSAE Grant
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