Explore the diverse fields of engineering through collaborative problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking

Principles of Applied Engineering invites students to explore the many fields of engineering through scenarios and group projects that engage them in the problem-solving process. Students discover the different types of engineering and engineering-related disciplines, history, career paths, positions, and typical skills and activities necessary for success in engineering careers.


Clear chapter organization and key terms and definitions help students keep pace

Key terms are highlighted in boldfaced in the text and called out in the margins for quick reference and study prep. 


Engage students with active, hands-on learning

Design Activities and Projects engage students in hands-on practice with problem-solving, critical thinking, and application of chapter content, including robotic design, generating windmill power, chemical technology, and more.


End-of-chapter assessment questions reinforce chapter concepts and inspire critical thinking 

Assessment questions prompt students to think critically, practice writing skills, and support their answers with real-world examples.