The most comprehensive, up-to-date high school health science program

Health Science Fundamentals, the most comprehensive, up-to-date high school health science program, promotes better student understanding of careers, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and diseases and disorders. More student activities than any other program, including a "bell ringer" activity at the beginning of each chapter, ensure that students remain engaged throughout the course. The text also emphasizes employability and professionalism while reinforcing essential math, science, and language arts concepts.


New updated design engages learners

This new edition has been updated with new design layout and more contemporary photos.

new design layout


The Careers chapter

Preparing students with career-ready skills

The Careers chapter is realigned to meet the Common Career Technical Core pathways, and Career-Ready Practices throughout prompt students to use critical thinking and to develop critical professional skills. 


Cross-discipline connections

Math, Science, and Language Arts links have been updated to meet the most current curriculum standards.

Cross-discipline connections


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