Understand myWorld History: A World History Curriculum by Savvas



Make sure students aren't just reading content—make sure they "get it"! In addition to the UbD approach woven throughout the program, myWorld History provides opportunities for students to demonstrate what they've learned so you can assess for success!


Student Journal

The perfect accessory for virtual world travel. The Student Journal is a colorful, interactive student workbook that reinforces the Essential Question for every chapter in the program.


Online Travel Presentation

In line with 21st Century Learning, the Online Travel Presentation is the culminating effort of virtually trekking the world. Watch your students deliver classroom presentations showcasing their personalized experiences and the knowledge they acquired.


Success Tracker™

Success Tracker is an online, formative assessment and remediation management system. It helps teachers provide personalized remediation for each student and provides you with powerful, disaggregated data analysis of student performance.