Savvas Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn Science Program for Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Real Issues. Real Research. Real Choices.

Using real-world case studies, a wide range of inquiry activities, and engaging science phenomena, Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn puts the world in context by empowering your students to take an active role in their learning—and the world in which they live. This program is based on real and relevant content that brings the world of environmental science to life while making it personal and actionable for every student.



Explore Real Issues Through an Integrated Case Study Approach

Authentic case studies not only make key concepts relevant but they aid students as they learn to make sense of phenomena. The Central Case provides a consistent and engaging path for teaching core environmental science principles. Students build critical observation and analytical skills as they work through the case study storyline

Central Case

Connect Students with Research and Data

Students learn best, and enjoy learning, when they become active participants in their lessons. Inquiry labs, open-ended investigations and research-based activities engage students in the engineering and design process. Classroom and field labs encourage students to apply science to their local environment. Students learn science - by doing science.


Motivate Students to Make Choices

Environmental Science, Your World, Your Turn empowers students to draw their own conclusions and encourages them to think and act on both local and global levels. They will build the critical thinking skills that they will need long after the class ends.


Discipline: Science

Copyright: 2011

Grade(s): 9 - 12

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Device: Smartphone, Tablet, Computer

Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS

Funding Sources: SSAE Grant, ESSER

Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn

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