Life Skills for the 21st Century
Features and Benefits



Each chapter begins with a presentation of the learning objectives to be covered in the chapter.

Throughout the text, students are asked to use 21st Century skills such as decision making, critical thinking, and problem solving to think of an ending to thought-provoking scenarios.



Frequent checklist features provide a concise, periodic review of key concepts.

Students are presented with scenarios to help them prepare for the challenging choices they will face in their daily lives.



Other features throughout the text help students assess and establish their personal values, goals, and priorities.

Technology topics help promote safe and positive use of social media and encourage students to develop technical skills.



The text provides students with insights into other cultures and encourages all aspects of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Students are introduced to the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America student organization including career options in the Human Services pathway.



The end of each chapter presents a series of review questions that review the concepts covered in the chapter, extend learning, and provide practice including reinforcement of academic skills.

Case Studies present a real-life scenario, followed by a series of open-ended questions designed to provide the student with the opportunity to use the skills they have developed in the chapter.



Hot Topics provide a prompt designed to encourage students to think about the challenges they face in their own lives, and to respond anonymously.

Web Extra provides suggestions for using the Internet to locate additional information about the chapter topics.



Write Now is a language arts activity that encourages students to answer questions, research and present information, or respond to critical thinking prompts.

A print Student Activity Guide is available for additional activities and reinforcement. The guide provides additional writing opportunities as well as puzzles and research projects.


Teacher Resources

The teacher resources for the program include:

  • Teacher’s Wraparound Edition
  • TestGen® Test Bank
  • PowerPoint® presentations
  • Teaching tips
  • Discussion questions
  • Project ideas and planning suggestions for advanced, less Advanced, and English language learners

VitalSource™ eText for Life Skills for the 21st Century

The Student Edition is also available as a VitalSource™ eText. The VitalSource platform enables students to access their text from any device connected to the Internet. Using the eText, students take notes, create study tools or listen to the text being read. Students can also download and save their text for offline use.