Entrepreneurship: Owning Your Future:
Table of Contents


UNIT 1:           Big Idea: Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Chapter 1        Importance of Entrepreneurship  

Chapter 2        Characteristics of an Entrepreneur  

Chapter 3        Being an Intrapreneur  

Chapter 4        Social Entrepreneurship  

Chapter 5        Managing Risk  


UNIT 2:           Big Idea: Opportunity Recognition & Market Analysis

Chapter 6        Idea Generation  

Chapter 7        Turning Ideas into Opportunities  

Chapter 8        Evaluating Opportunities  

Chapter 9        Market Research Methods  

Chapter 10      Using Data to Make Business Decisions  


UNIT 3:           Big Idea: Competition

Chapter 11      Entrepreneurship and the Economy  

Chapter 12      Supply and Demand  

Chapter 13      Direct and Indirect Competition  

Chapter 14      EOU and Competitive Pricing  

Chapter 15      Establishing a Competitive Advantage  


UNIT 4:           Big Idea: Delivering Value to Customers

Chapter 16      Identifying a Target Market  

Chapter 17      Understanding the Needs of a Customer Segment  

Chapter 18      Delivering Value to a Customer Segment 

Chapter 19      Communicating Value to Customers 

Chapter 20      Attracting and Retaining Customers  


UNIT 5:           Big Idea: Business Model

Chapter 21      Channels of Distribution  

Chapter 22      Identifying Internal Resources  

Chapter 23      Determining Operating Activities  

Chapter 24      Establishing External Partnerships  

Chapter 25      Legal Structures  


UNIT 6:           Big Idea: Financial & Expense Management

Chapter 26      The Cost of Doing Business  

Chapter 27      Expense Management  

Chapter 28      Revenue Streams and Sales Projections  

Chapter 29      Financing the Business  

Chapter 30      Financial Analysis  


UNIT 7:           Big Idea: Operating the Business

Chapter 31      Managing the Business  

Chapter 32      Government Regulations  

Chapter 33      Recordkeeping  

Chapter 34      Accounting Systems  

Chapter 35      Taxes and Your Business  


UNIT 8:           Big Idea: Growing the Business

Chapter 36      Planning for Business Growth  

Chapter 37      Growing Operations  

Chapter 38      Recruiting and Training Staff  

Chapter 39      Franchising and Licensing  

Chapter 40      Exit Strategies  


Appendix A: Eva’s Edibles–Sample Business Canvas  

Appendix B: Eva’s Edibles–Sample Plan  

Appendix C: Glossary  


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