Anatomy, Physiology and Disease
Features and Benefits

  • Two individual case studies are woven throughout the text to illustrate key concepts and multisystem effects, while building critical-thinking skills.
  • Amazing Body Facts focuses on specific areas of the body and highlights features that make the human body unique and extraordinary.
  • Learning Hints help students learn complex concepts with creative tools, such as memorization games and case studies.
  • The Pathology Connection presents different diseases specific to the body part or system in being covered.
  • Clinical Application provides hands-on connection between theory and practice.
  • Learning Outcomes at the beginning of each module list the skills and knowledge needed to complete the module successfully.
  • Test Your Knowledge sections give students an opportunity to review and probe the knowledge they are gaining for real-world application tasks.
  • Vocabulary definitions and highlighted key terminologyhelp students with reading comprehension and review of new concepts and words.
  • Numerous photos and graphics throughout the text hold students’ attention and help them better absorb information.
  • Review questions at the end of the section allow students to measure their progress.

Images from top to bottom: 1. Case Study, 2. Clinical Application, 3. Learning Outcomes, 4. Test Your Knowledge, 5. Review Questions


Pearson MyLab® for Anatomy, Physiology and Disease


This interactive online course is a unique web-based learning resource that provides a range of visual, auditory, and interactive elements to enhance training.


Features include:

  • A full student eText with search and navigation features
  • Engaging videos provide visual instruction to support the text.
  • Interactive Case Studies to bring the taught content to life by hands-on application
  • Engaging instructional videos 
  • Homework assignments and assessments with instant feedback that is recorded to the Gradebook
  • Interactive Study Components that can be used as a remote lecture or module review 
  • Teachers are empowered to improve the quality of instruction using the program’s wealth of features including making assignments to the entire class or individual students as well as tracking and reporting progress 

Images from top to bottom: 1. eText, 2. Video, 3. Case Study, 4. Gradebook