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Prepare Learners for Welding Career

Textbook cover for Welding Level 1, a program that prepares students for a career in welding.

The sixth edition of Welding Level 1, published by Pearson, features thoroughly revised content and a new design to meet the changing needs of today’s welding trainee. The images and diagrams have also been updated to exemplify the most current welding practices, with special emphasis on safety.

The text also aligns with the current standards in American Welding Society’s School Excelling through National Skills Education (SENSE) EG2.0 guidelines for Entry Welder.


New to this Edition

  • The new design improves the readability and visual appeal of the text featuring hundreds of new images and illustrations.
  • Each module has been completely rewritten with the help of numerous industry experts to cover the most current welding equipment, procedures, and safety practices.
Welding Level 1, 6th Edition, features revised content and a new design, meeting the needs of today’s welding trainee.

About NCCER Curricula

NCCER is a not-for-profit 501( c)(3) education foundation established in 1996 by the world’s largest and most progressive construction companies and national construction associations.  The NCCER Standardized Curricula was developed by NCCER in partnership with Pearson Education to establish consistent, standardized curriculum for the construction industry. 

Some features of the NCCER Standardized Curricula are as follows:

  • An industry-proven record of success 
  • Curricula developed by the industry, for the industry
  • National standardization providing portability of learned job skills and education credits
  • Well-illustrated, up-to-date, and practical information

NCCER also maintains the NCCER Registry, which provides transcripts, certificates, and wallet cards to individuals who have successfully completed a level of training within a craft in NCCER’s Curricula.

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The NCCER logo, developing standardized construction and maintenance curriculum and assessments.

Discipline: Career & Technical Education

Copyright: 2022

Grade(s): 9 - 12

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Funding Sources: ESSER

Welding Level 1, Sixth Edition

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