Three Cheers for Pre-K Literacy Curriculum Authors

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Zachary Champagne

Zachary Champagne

Zachary Champagne is a math education enthusiast and a big fan of teachers and all the incredible work they do. He has been an elementary school teacher with a specialization in math and science in Jacksonville, Florida for the past 13 years. During this time, he received many state and national awards for excellence in teaching, including the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST), Duval County Teacher of the Year, and Finalist for Florida Teacher of the Year.

Expertise: Math, Science, and STEM

White Paper: Counting Is the Foundation for Pre-K Mathematics Work ›

Patricia Edwards

Dr. Patricia Edwards

Dr. Patricia Edwards is a professor of teacher education, the first African American president of the Literacy Research Association (formerly the National Reading Conference), and the 2010-2011 President of the International Reading Association. She has developed two nationally acclaimed family literacy programs: Parents as Partners in Reading and Talking Your Way to Literacy. Her research focuses on issues related to families and children.

Expertise: Parent involvement, community partnerships, multicultural literacy, early literacy, and family literacy

White Paper: The Importance of Family Engagement in Learning ›

Stuart J. Murphy

Stuart J. Murphy

Stuart J. Murphy is a highly regarded visual learning specialist. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, Stuart has a strong background in design and art direction. He also has extensive experience in the world of educational publishing and has co-authored more than a dozen textbook programs.

Expertise: Social and emotional learning and virtual learning

White Paper: The Benefits of Employing Visual Learning Practices in Early Childhood Education ›

Teacher Resource: Pre-Kindergarten Visual Learning Guide ›

Dr. Gilberto D. Soto

Dr. Gilberto D. Soto

Dr. Gilberto D. Soto is a Professor of Music Education at Texas A&M International University where he teaches early childhood and elementary bilingual music education courses. Dr. Soto is the author of the bilingual music education books Fiesta de Canciones and Music of Our World: Mexico, and Teaching Music in the Multicultural Early Childhood Classroom. Dr. Soto holds a B.A. degree in Education from Universidad Aútonoma del Noreste, a B.A. in Music from Abilene Christian University, and an M.M. and Ph.D. in Music Education from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Expertise: Early childhood bilingual music and movement

White Paper: Music and Movement in a Pre-K Curriculum ›

Dr. Lee Wright

Dr. Lee Wright

Dr. Lee Wright is a specialist in early childhood education, focusing on classroom management and biliteracy. In his varied career, he has been a kindergarten teacher, literacy coach, state staff development specialist, corporate educational specialist, and professor. Currently, he trains educators on topics that focus on the importance of effective classroom management, small-group instruction, and early literacy.

Expertise: Early childhood education, classroom management, and biliteracy

White Paper: Social and Emotional Learning: Promoting Teamwork in Pre-Kindergarten  ›


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