Social Studies Day

Going the Distance Educator Virtual Symposium Social Studies Day

Great Speakers, Great Sessions!

View the recorded sessions by clicking on the individual links below. 


Turning Passive Video into Active Video - Keith "Hip" Hughes
Using Online video sharing platforms for Instruction

Turning Inquiry into Action
Explore how students engage in rich, project-based, inquiry activities while studying the past through diverse perspectives in the classroom and distance learning environment

Dive into History - Don't Just Dip Your Toes In!
Learn how Project Imagine uses ground-breaking technology for these supplemental U.S. History and World History modules that contain immersive experiences driven by primary sources. Students will study history through multiple perspectives and in the eyes of the ordinary & extraordinary people that lived through it in a hybrid learning environment

New Standards for Michigan and Missouri? Relax - We've Customized for YOU!
So you have new state standards? Celebrate your state and learn about our new customized, blended resources for Michigan and Missouri that align with your state standards

Optomize Hybrid and Distance Learning
Learn best practices on how to use the Savvas Realize platform in the traditional classroom and distance learning environment. BONUS! How to integrate Realize with Google Classroom

Inquiry as a Way of Thinking in the Old, New, or Digital Landscape - Kathy Swan
In this session, we'll explore a questions-sources-tasks mindset that applies to any normal be it old, new, or digital.