Science Day

Going the Distance Educator Virtual Symposium Science Day

Great Speakers, Great Sessions!

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Problem-Based Learning Workshop around STEM
Creating solutions to real world problems by applying what we’ve learned is the fun and relevance of “doing” science.  Let’s explore Problem Based Learning for in-class and virtual learning together! 

Create Engaging & Fun Science Application Activities - Science Escape Rooms - for Students
Jump into the action! Have students apply what they know, what they've learned, and what they think for collaborative ways to escape. Quick, easy, and fun activities with a purpose.

Survival Strategies for Digital Learning
Digital learning is here to stay, and confronts us all for the coming school year. We'll go over some survival strategies, how to ideas, and search for videos, virtual labs, worksheets, and more for download for your lessons

Mastering® from Pearson - Best Practices & Tips and Tricks for your AP®, Honors and Electives Courses
Strategies change day to day, but best practices ensure you'll be at the head of the class! 

Minnesota Elevate Science for Middle Grades
So you've got new standards in Minnesota? Never fear - we've got you covered with a brand new customized solution made specifically for your new state standards.

Strategies for Recreating Science Inquiry Online - Chris Moore
 The anthropogenic disaster of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID19) fundamentally changed the classroom and required teachers to adapt their strategies overnight. In this workshop, we will discuss practical strategies for online science teaching and facilitating student interactions online. Specifically, you will learn about the Communities of Inquiry (COI) framework and how it can be used to recreate high-impact, interactive inquiry online, including rich discussion, group work, and laboratories.


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