Math Day

Going the Distance Educator Virtual Symposium Math Day

Great Speakers, Great Sessions!

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Technology Tools to Motivate Students and Improve Math Instruction in the Digital World - Eric Milou
This session will examine how to engage, motivate, and teach students in a digital world. Participants will explore digital tools (Desmos, Gimkit amongst others) that can motivate students and lead to deeper mathematical understanding.

Let’s Get Messy: Mathematical Modeling (grades 9-12)
Further your understanding of the research behind and the meaning of Mathematical Modeling.  By analyzing the modeling cycle you will walk away with more insight of what truly constitutes Mathematical Modeling.  And, of course, you will have the opportunity to experience several highly engaging modeling lessons. By the conclusion of this workshop, you will have ideas that can be used immediately in your classroom to meet required modeling standards! 

Effective Use of the Digital Path
Use technology to empower students to learn math with deeper conceptual understanding. Through modeling and interaction, participants learn how to successfully blend enVisionMATH® Realize lessons using the print and digital components. Participants walk away with an understanding of the problem-based, interactive learning opportunities that enrich the print text and how to personalize learning to meet the needs of individual students.

Let's Model with 3 Act Math!
Whether you are in the classroom with your students or teaching virtually, 3 Act Math offers an engaging way to connect math to the real world!  In 3 Act math students learn to solve real world problems, identify the question they want to answer, find the information required, predict outcomes and consider how other influencers can impact an outcome. 

Improving Student Learning with MathXL® for School from Pearson
Math XL for School offers a number of features that can be utilized by teachers to easily create assignments to help students work toward mastery of course objectives.

Escape the Anxiety of Math
Escape rooms are exciting, but how do we escape in the digital world?  Experience a digital escape room and learn how to create this engaging and exciting lesson to share with your student in math or any other subject area.

Modeling with Interactive Digital Tools Powered by Desmos
The unique integration of Desmos into Savvas Realize
TM offers an interactive experience designed to foster conceptual understanding through highly visual interactives that bring mathematical concepts to life. Experience ways to expand, extend, and customize learning in the classroom using these interactive tools.

Developing Positive and Productive Student Math Identities: Meeting the Needs of All Learners - Jonathan Wray
Mathematics is a cultural activity and everyone has a very personal and important “math story.” And yet understanding, developing, nurturing, and growing each student’s mathematics identity, in an environment intended to provide equitable access to high-quality mathematics teaching and learning, is often neglected. This session examines the use of personal reflection and student voice to help students develop and sustain positive and productive math identities. Join us as we examine activities and routines to help all students build confidence, persevere in problem solving, and deepen their understanding of math concepts.


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