Savvas Guided Reading Bookrooms:
“Just Right” Books for Every Reading Level

Bug books, space books, dinosaur books. Inspiring heroes and around-the-world adventures! Savvas Guided Reading Bookrooms help you create a culture of reading in your classroom and school. Carefully cultivated texts include both fiction and nonfiction titles for Guided Reading Levels A-W. Replace those “gently used” books in your collection and add all kinds of new texts to motivate readers and support your small group instruction. For tight budgets, the collections are great for a school-wide bookroom.

A New Level of Support for Guided Reading


Guided Reading Collections

What kinds of books do you need? Books to pique students’ interests and address specific teaching points—at the right instructional levels. It’s not an easy task, and most teachers spend lots of time gathering resources. Savvas Guided Reading Bookrooms make it easy. Each text collection includes fiction and nonfiction titles from a wide range of genres—with the Guided Reading levels your students need. Collections are available in both English and Spanish.


Leveled Reader Teacher Guides

A bookroom should engage and motivate readers, but it needs to support your literacy instruction. Each bookroom collection includes Leveled Reader Teacher’s Guides, helping you with planning, organizing, activities, and small-group instruction. It’s a huge time saver! Teaching support includes 4- to 6-page lessons for every title.

Guided Reading

  • Text Structures and Features
  • Launch the Text Ideas
  • Observe and Monitor Suggestions
  • Discuss Questions for Guided Reading
  • Possible Teaching Points for Comprehension, Word Study, and Fluency
  • Graphic Organizer Support
  • Noticings, Connections, and Wonderings Chart (Levels J-W)
  • Collaborative Conversation Strategies and Prompts


  • Support for ELLs
  • Language Development Suggestions

Guided Writing

  • Prompts for Responding to Text

Storing and Managing Your Collection

Bookroom texts come in sets of six for small group instruction. How do you keep your collection organized? Your bookshelf package includes Guided Reading labels and clear book pouches to hold each set of books. Label the bags and organize in tubs, baskets, or bins. The collections are easy to integrate into every classroom or school.


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