The “How” and “Why” of Successful Baking

Comprehensive Coverage with a Magazine-style Design

The Updated Third Edition of On Baking: A Textbook of Baking and Pastry Fundamentals includes the latest in the hospitality industry including:

  • More than 40 new recipes and 200 new photographs that reflect up-to-the-minute trends in bakeries and foodservice.
  • More than 230 new photographs and illustrations provide clear representations of core preparations which are the foundation of any good baking textbook.
  • New headings discuss the origins of specific products to enhance students’ understanding of how to best prepare an item.
  • Additional troubleshooting content is included to help students master challenging bakeshop items such as puff pastry, meringues, éclair paste, and pastry cream. 
  • Additional content has been added throughout the text to stress the science that students need to understand baking. 

Understand the how and why behind successful baking

Throughout the text, Flavor Sidebars show how flavoring ingredients may be used to change the character of a dessert preparation. Troubleshooting charts and photographs are included to help students master challenging bakeshop items such as puff pastry, meringues, éclair paste and pastry cream. Sidebars feature presents additional information on food history, food in culture, and the background of professional food service, helping readers understand the culinary arts in a wider social context.

examples of sidebars


examples of visual aids

Ideal for your visual learners

Help students visualize unfamiliar techniques and more effectively organize kitchen activities. Step-by-step color photographs detail stages in the preparation of ingredients and dishes–including finished dishes–to show exactly how dishes are prepared and served. New step-by-step photographs emphasize stages in making key products


Equip readers with the knowledge and skills to execute successful recipes

More than 40 new recipes and 200 new photographs reflect up-to-the-minute trends in bakeries and foodservice–including new photographs that show contemporary plate presentation styles to help students in their mastery of plating and presentation. Coverage of the construction of tiered specialty cakes has been expanded to include new photographs of celebration cakes from professional cake decorators.

example photographs showing trends in bakeries and foodservice


MyLab® Culinary platform screenshot

Pair with MyLab® Culinary to enhance your students’ experience

MyLab is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment program designed to work with this text to engage students and improve results.

  • With its vast collection of recipes tested in the kitchens of top culinary schools and an extensive ingredient database, Pearson Kitchen Manager allows Chefs to maximize the value of their recipe content.
  • Applying math concepts in baking can be challenging and create anxiety for students. MyLab for On Baking provides math problem-sets with step-by-step remediation that instructors can assign as homework providing students with math practice in the context of baking. Topics covered in these problem-sets include measurement conversions, metric conversions, formula conversions, baker's percentages, and yield percentages.
  • Dynamic Study Modules to assess your students’ performance and activity in real time.

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