Concept Connector

The Concept Connector, Features, and Assessment throughout the World History program serve as a structured discussion and note taking system focused on Essential Questions, and pivotal issues and debates throughout history, with an emphasis on making connections to events in today’s world. Students will see how every generation has struggled with the same issues across time, and how these issues continue to impact our lives. Check out the examples below and explore more on our virtual sampling site. Request a sample or sign up for a demo of the sample kit materials from your sales representative.


Highlight concepts as you teach:

For each chapter students review/debate key issues in the Essential Question Review and Connections to Today sections of the Chapter Assessment.

Study concepts in depth:

Concept Connector features pull together examples in a modern setting.


Track concepts over time:

Students complete Concept Connector Journal over the course of the year helping them see the relationship between events, time and place, and preparing them for high-stakes assessment, thematic essays.

Click here for an example you can use with your students today!