Environmental Science Your World, Your Turn 
Frequently Asked Questions


What is Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn?

Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn by Jay Withgott (©2011) is a next- generation high school program (grades 9-12) that uses real case studies, current data, and hands-on/minds-on activities to make environmental science intriguing, personal, and actionable for each student.

I don’t see a printed lab manual.  Where are the labs and activities?

Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn takes hands-on and minds-on learning a new level. While the Student Edition does include lesson-level activities when appropriate, the majority of the inquiry program is provided digitally to allow for easy access and editing.  Scientific-method labs…paper-and-pencil activities…long-term field studies…and more.

How is assessment treated in the program?

Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn features a wide-variety of assessment opportunities, both in print and online. Every lesson in the Student Edition includes a Lesson Assessment to test comprehension and to help students tie the content back to the chapter Big Question. At the end of each chapter you’ll find a detailed Chapter Assessment with a wide range of scaffolded questions that address content knowledge, critical thinking, data analysis, and writing skill. MyEnvironmentalScience.com includes self-assessment opportunities and for each chapter, a test bank of over 3,300 questions that can be assigned and tracked online, leveled A and B tests for each chapter and unit, and much more.

Didn’t Jay Withgott co-author an AP Environmental Science textbook?  Is this the same program?

Jay is the co-author of the best-selling Pearson® Advanced Placement Environmental Science textbook, Environment: The Science Behind the Stories—now in its third edition (Benjamin Cummings ©2009). While Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn does leverage some of the hallmark features for which Jay’s work is known (including the integrated case-study approach and student stewardship), Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn it is a brand-new program researched and written at a 9th/10th-grade reading level.

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