Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

In December 2015, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) replaced No Child Left Behind. This latest revision of the federal education legislation emphasizes state and local control and provides more flexibility to school districts to determine appropriate interventions for low-performing schools.


What is ESSA?

Watch the short videos below to learn more about new requirements that impact English Learner (EL) education.


Navigate Every Student Suceeds Act requirements

Changes to federal education legislation has broad implications for both states and school districts. ESSA’s influence can be seen in how schools’ performance is measured, how States identify low-performing schools, what funding sources are available, and defining how to determine what educational approaches are most likely to have positive effects on student outcome. 

Learn more about ESSA’s implications below: 


Evidence-Based Solutions

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ESSA and English Learners


Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant

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