Auténtico Authors and Contributing Writers

Meet the expert team behind the Auténtico Spanish language program. Backed by research and standards, the team created Auténtico to help you build students’ language proficiency and foster cultural understanding.


Auténtico Authors

Auténtico Spanish language program author Myriam Met headshot.

Myriam Met

For most of her professional life, Myriam (Mimi) Met has worked in the public schools. Her commitment to teaching began early. She was just a small child who came to the US as a refugee, and later come to see that her opportunities in life had been due to the dedication of her own teachers. Fascinated by research on how the brain learns, and how teachers could make language learning happen, she decided to become a Spanish teacher.

Mimi was a high school teacher in New York, then a K-12 supervisor of language programs in the Cincinnati Public Schools. She also served as a Coordinator of Foreign Languages in Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools. After a long career in public education, she joined the National Foreign Language Center, University of Maryland, where she worked on K-12 language policy and infrastructure development. She currently works with schools and school districts as an independent consultant.


Auténtico Spanish language program author Peggy Palo Boyles headshot.

Peggy Palo Boyles

During her foreign language career of over forty years, Peggy Palo Boyles has taught elementary, secondary, and university students in both private and public schools. She is currently an independent consultant who provides assistance to schools, districts, universities, state departments of education, and other organizations of foreign language education. Her areas of expertise include curriculum, assessment, cultural instruction, professional development, and program evaluation. She was a member of the ACTFL Performance Guidelines for the K-12 Learners task force and served as a Senior Editor for the project. She also served on the Advisory Committee for the ACTFL Assessment for Performance and Proficiency of Languages (AAPPL). Peggy is a past president of the National Association of District Supervisors of Foreign Language Education.

What made you decide to become a teacher?

Auténtico Spanish language program author Richard S. Sayers headshot.

Richard S. Sayers

Rich Sayers has been involved in world languages education since 1978. He taught Spanish at Niwot High School in Longmont, Colorado, for 18 years, where he taught levels 1 through AP Spanish. While at Niwot High School, Rich served as department chair, district foreign language coordinator, and board member of the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers and the Southwest Conference on Language Teaching. In 1991, Rich was selected as one of the Disney Company’s Foreign Language Teacher Honorees for the American Teacher Awards. Rich has served as a world languages consultant for Savvas since 1996. He is currently the vice president of humanities in the Savvas sales division.

What made you decide to become a teacher?


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Contributing Writers

Eduardo Aparicio
Chicago, IL

Daniel J. Bender
New Trier High School Winnetka, IL

Maire Deer
Bloomington, IN

Leslie M. Grahn
Howard County Public Schools Ellicott City, MD

Thomasina Hannum
Albuquerque, NM

Nancy S. Hernández
World Languages Supervisor Simsbury (CT) Public Schools

Patricia J. Kule
Fountain Valley School of Colorado

Jacqueline Hall Minet
Upper Montclair, NJ

Alex Paredes
Simi Valley, CA

Martha Singer Semmer
Breckenridge, CO

Dee Dee Drisdale Stafford
Putnam City Schools Oklahoma City, OK

Christine S. Wells
Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School Colorado Springs, CO

Michael Werner
University of Chicago Chicago, IL