A map to success in human geography
The Cultural Landscape introduces geography as a social science by emphasizing the relevance of
geographic concepts to human problems and the relationship between globalization and cultural diversity.
The text integrates descriptive explanations of particular locations and systematic explanations of theories and techniques within a topical issues approach.
The Cultural Landscape, 14th Edition features topics relevant to the decade of the 2020s including the disruption and trauma of COVID, the ever-widening social and economic inequality within and between countries, the centrality of cultural identity, the growing importance of relating climate science with human actions, and the restructuring of international economic and political cooperation and competition. These and other contemporary topics will be updated, offered and integrated through the text.
Excellent AP coverage and practice

  • Correlation guide to the College Board’s AP ® Human Geography Curriculum Framework, located online at Savvas.com/AdvancedCorrelations.
  • Test Prep Workbook for AP ® Human Geography created specifically for this program and includes tools to ensure student success on the exam.
  • The 14 th edition is support with Mastering® Geography with Pearson eText. Mastering ® Geography with Pearson eText changes how students learn and teachers teach. This next generation, one-source learning and assessment system is organized to student edition’s content.
  • An interactive eText with Audio is optimized for digital use and includes embedded videos and animations, search tools, the ability to highlight text, offline access, and more— all accessible on any device via the free Pearson+ App for eText.
  • Assignable activities that include GIS-inspired MapMaster 2.0™ interactive maps, Encounter Human
  • Geography Google Earth™ Explorations, Videos, Geo-Tutors, Thinking Spatially & Data Analysis activities, end-of chapter questions, reading quizzes, Test Bank questions, map labeling activities, a bank of Free Response Question (FRQ) style questions for AP Human Geography, and more.
  • Student study area with GIS-inspired MapMaster 2.0 interactive maps, videos, geoscience animations, web links, glossary flash cards, reference maps, and more.

Discipline: Social Studies, AP® Honors & Electives

Copyright: 2024

Grade(s): 9 - 12

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Funding Sources: ESSER

The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography, 14th Edition, ©2024 AP Edition with Mastering® Geography with eText, Rubenstein

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