For the AP United States Government and Politics Course

Learn how American politics affects public policy

Revel® Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy shows how politics influences the public policies that shape American society. Authors George Edwards, Martin Wattenberg, and William Howell provide a framework for students to understand the difficult questions that decision makers of both political parties are facing: how should we govern and what should government do? By examining the scope of government, a key issue in American politics today, the authors help students see how politics matters in their own lives.

Revel® Government in America has been updated to reflect recent changes in politics, policy, and participation. Every figure and table has been updated with current data. In addition, there is new material on the following topics:

  • The 2020 election of President Biden.
  • The 2022 Midterm Elections.
  • Supreme Court decisions on abortion, free speech, free exercise of religion, defendants’ rights, and affirmative action.
  • The response of the Federal government to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Developments in foreign policy, health care, economic policy, and environmental protection.
  • The continued influence of former President Donald Trump on American politics.

Revel empowers students to actively participate in learning. More than a digital textbook, Revel delivers an engaging blend of author content, media, and assessment. With Revel, students read and practice in one continuous experience, anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Discipline: Social Studies, AP® Honors & Electives

Copyright: 2022

Grade(s): 9 - 12

Delivery Method: Digital

Funding Sources: ESSER

Revel® Government in America 18th AP® Edition 2022 Midterm Election Update ©2022, Edwards

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