Features and Benefits

Hallmark features of this title

  • A Starter Kit provides a concise primer of basic concepts and tools. The text's Introduction explores how these concepts and tools can be used to understand the history of art.
  • Art and its Contexts features delve into selected works or issues from the chapter. Elements of Architecture features clarify specific architectural features, often explaining engineering principles or building technology.
  • Technique features outline the techniques and processes by which certain types of art are created.
  • Maps list all of the places mentioned within the chapter, helping students to visualize key locations.
  • Think About It critical thinking questions help students assess their mastery of the learning objectives by thinking through and applying what they've learned.

New and updated features of this title

  • NEW: Global coverage has been expanded with the addition of new works of art and revised discussions that incorporate new scholarship. In particular, the chapters addressing South and Southeast Asia and Africa have been significantly reworked.
  • NEW: Chapter 33 on contemporary art has been reorganized and reworked for greater clarity and timeliness. Coverage of numerous new works has been incorporated into this chapter.
  • NEW: Throughout, images have been updated whenever new and improved images were available or works of art have been cleaned or restored.
  • NEW: The language used to characterize works of art, especially that which attempts to capture the lifelike appearance of the natural world, has been refined and clarified to bring greater precision and nuance.
  • NEW: New works have been added to the discussion in many chapters to enhance and enrich what is presented in the text. Highlights include the Great Mosque of Damascus, Mesa Verde and Imogen Cunningham's Two Callas.
  • NEW: In addition, several artists are discussed through new, and more representative, works, including Zhao Mengfu, Vladimir Tatlin and Mary Cassatt.