enVision Mathematics © 2024
Middle School Math Curriculum

Grades 6-8 Math

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Savvas Learning Company introduces enVision® Mathematics © 2024, a new middle school math curriculum for Grades 6-8. Combining problem-based learning and visual learning. Part of the highly popular enVision® Mathematics K-12 series, this program makes math relevant to students with new resources to encourage student choice and to support learning both in the classroom and at home. It’s all available on our newly-enhanced, award-winning Savvas Realize® Learning Management System.

enVision Mathematics middle school math textbook and program array, a 6-8 math program combining problem-based learning and visual learning.



Build Math Understanding with Student-Led Exploration

Let’s Investigate! Lessons provide a problem-based learning option and allow students to dig deeper into mathematics. Real-world contexts with compelling questions ask students to draw on their own experiences, and hands-on activities with physical and digital manipulatives promote a growth mindset.

enVision Mathematics middle school math is a 6-8 math program that builds math understanding.
enVision Mathematics middle school math is a 6-8 math program that includes family engagement at-home resources.

Family Engagement Math Resources Provide At-Home Support

Easily accessible digital resources provide family-friendly Topic and lesson-level support, interactive videos, vocabulary review, and helpful search terms to engage students at home. Google Translate™ compatible, no login required!



High-Interest Projects Invite Middle School Math
Students to Be Active Participants

Engaging, motivational rich tasks make math inviting and interesting for all students. These low-threshold, high-ceiling opportunities offer students unique math experiences.


Make Math Assessment Part of Differentiation

Problem-based and Visual Learning make a powerful 1-2 lesson setup. Part 3 of each lesson combines lesson quick checks, observational assessments, and auto-generated reports to inform your teaching. Focus on students’ needs with intervention activities and resources for all learning levels.

Looking for additional assessment and intervention resources?
Get data-informed insights and targeted instructional content and resources with the Savvas Math Screener and Diagnostic Assessments.

enVision Mathematics middle school math is a 6-8 math program that makes math assessment part of differentiation.
enVision Mathematics middle school math is a 6-8 math program found on the Savvas Realize LMS.

Savvas Realize Learning Management System

Savvas Realize® is the digital home for learning anytime, anywhere, It includes all enVision digital math content, assessments, student data, pre-built lesson presentation slides, and management tools. You can easily customize lessons and integrate Realize with Canvas®, Schoology®, and Google Classroom®. Students can even access content offline, and Realize will sync automatically to the online version.

enVision Mathematics middle school math 6-8 math program customer testimonial.

Discipline: Mathematics

Copyright: 2024

Grade(s): 6 - 8

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Device: Smartphone, Whiteboard, Tablet, Computer

Funding Sources: ESSER

enVision Mathematics © 2024 Grades 6-8

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