Better Business, 6th Edition

Better Business, 6th edition textbook cover.

Better Business, published by Pearson, introduces the business content students need, in a better way. By presenting and connecting the evolving issues and opportunities of business, the text encourages students to come to class prepared to have better conversations. Throughout the text, unique features illustrate positive and negative outcomes of relevant business ventures, while mini-chapters focus on key topics in business.

The text is written in an engaging question-and-answer writing style that approaches topics as students do, asking the questions that might pop into a student’s thoughts as they are learning about the content.

The 6th Edition continues to feature updated social media strategies and technologies, reflecting the explosive growth of social media in the contemporary business environment.


New to This Edition 

  • A new “Connecting the Elements of Business” exercise in each chapter to facilitate conversations about how the topic being covered relates to other business concepts 
  • Expanded coverage of social media and related marketing plans 
  • Studies of the impact of Covid-19 on various business trends and practices 
  • Coverage of modern teaming tools like Zoom, Discord, Slack, and online collaboration tools
  • Updated art, imagery, and design 
Better Business sample lesson showing the growth of online grocery shopping with a graph.
Pearson Revel learning platform sample, including auto-graded assessments, videos, and business class management tools.

Introducing Pearson Revel® 

Revel from Pearson is an immersive learning experience that enlivens familiar and respected course content with media interactives and assessments. Revel improves results by empowering students to actively participate in learning. More than a digital textbook, Revel delivers an engaging blend of author content, media, and assessment.

With Revel, students read and practice in one continuous experience. Interactive content and assessments integrated throughout the narrative provide opportunities for students to explore and apply concepts. And Revel is mobile and user-friendly, so students can learn on the go — anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Discipline: Career & Technical Education

Copyright: 2021

Funding Sources: ESSER

Better Business, Sixth Edition

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