Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom Classic® for Photographers: Table of Contents


Getting Started

  1. Importing and Managing Photos in Lightroom
  2. Organizing Your Photos into Lightroom Collections
  3. Using the Lightroom Develop Module for Global Adjustments
  4. Using the Lightroom Develop Module for Local and Creative Adjustments
  5. Make Your Portraits Look Their Best
  6. Lightroom-Photoshop Round Trip Workflow
  7. Lightroom to Photoshop for Selecting and Masking
  8. Lightroom to Photoshop for Retouching
  9. Lightroom to Photoshop for Special Effects
  10. Lightroom to Photoshop for Combining Photos
  11. Exporting and Showing Off Your Work

Learn About Photoshop® and Lightroom Classic®

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