Savvas Realize Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Management System


What technical support is available for Savvas Realize? 

Savvas provides customer service and technical support (included with purchase) via phone, chat, and email. We employ professional staff to assist our customers:

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What are the Technical Requirements for Savvas Realize?

Savvas Realize is a cloud based application accessible through most modern browsers. The Realize and Realize Reader system requirements include the latest versions of Google™ Chrome™, Microsoft Edge®, Mozilla® Firefox®, and Apple® Safari®. By designating officially-supported operating systems and browsers, Savvas is able to ensure an optimal user experience; however, Realize and Realize Reader will operate in other, untested combinations of operating systems and browsers. View the complete System Requirements.


How are accounts created?

Savvas recommends that customers assign an appropriate person to fill the administrator role for the district or school. This person will manage student and staff users with a bulk upload tool.

Student accounts are created by bulk upload through a web interface using a CSV file, or students can be added individually. 

The Savvas EasyBridge family of offerings makes it easy for our customers to update class rosters across their SIS and different learning management systems. Standard services are provided at no additional charge and are included in district product adoptions. 

What is Savvas EasyBridge Auto?

With its nightly automated roster synchronization capabilities, Savvas EasyBridge Auto brings together essential student information in one place so teachers spend less time managing class rosters and more time teaching. Enrollment data automatically flows from your SIS to our designated learning platforms, allowing 24/7 access to the most accurate, up-to-date student information. 

What is Savvas EasyBridge Plus?

In addition to the automatic roster synchronization provided with Savvas EasyBridge Auto, Savvas EasyBridge Plus further helps provide districts with easy access to student information through SSO where students and teachers need to remember only one set of credentials. Users can easily move between systems without re-entering their username and password.

Does Savvas Realize integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

Yes. Savvas Realize is IMS certified and an LTI 1.1/1.2 Thin Common Cartridge provider. Additionally, we can provide LTI-Advantage integration with Canvas and Schoology. We can provide content interoperability with most third-party learning management systems. Additional information can be found on the Savvas LMS Integration webpage


Does Savvas Realize integrate with Student Information Systems (SIS)?

Yes. Realize offers single sign-on (SSO) and roster integration with supported student information systems (SIS) to automate the flow of roster data. Realize supports any SAML 2.0 Identity provider including Active Directory Federation Services and Google. With an automated nightly ingestion file process, user and class information is shared with the Savvas digital learning platforms. Teachers and students sign in to their SIS or district portal and access their Savvas digital curriculum via single sign-on. Teachers and students can navigate between systems without re-entering their username and password.


Does Savvas Realize integrate with Google Classroom? 

Yes. Savvas Realize and Google G Suite for Education allow for additional teacher flexibility in sharing content, assessments, and rosters. As a Google for Education Partner, Savvas Realize offers more integrations, support, and flexibility with curriculum and technology and allows teachers to perform the following functions:

  • Teachers can share supported content from Savvas Realize programs with their classes by clicking “Share with Google Classroom.”
  • Teachers can sync Google Classroom rosters with Savvas Realize. Students log in once and have access to everything.
  • Assignable assessments and content show in the student’s Google Classroom stream. Completed work and scores are shared and recorded in Savvas Realize and Google Classroom.
  • Teachers can add links from their Google Drive directly into Savvas Realize lessons and quickly assign those links to students.


Is Savavs Realize FERPA and COPPA compliant? 

Savvas transmits and stores millions of student records every day all across the United States. We build our systems with federal laws—such as the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)—in mind, and we train our customers and employees in maintaining systems for compliance. We prevent data compromises and harden our system against intrusion by taking specific steps in our applications, consoles, and integration solutions to support FERPA, COPPA, and state-specific privacy laws. 

The Savvas Learning Company Privacy Policy describes how we collect, protect, use, and share personal information gathered from users of our websites, applications, products, and services. Savvas is committed to protecting the privacy of students, teachers, and schools. We do not sell personally identifiable data, permit its use for targeted advertising, or claim ownership of it. In providing services to public school districts, we are bound by law and our contracts to protect student personally identifiable information and to use it only for the legitimate educational purposes specified in the contract.

Is all data secure and encrypted?

All data is secured both in transit and at rest using industry encryption standa by AES 256 at REST, SSL/TLS in transmission. We specify HTTPS (with Transport Layer Security) for all web-based transmissions of data, including user consoles and automated systems such as Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) agents and Web Services adapters. For non-web-based communications, Savvas specifies the use of Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or a similarly encrypted communications channel. 

We use industry-accepted encryption technology to protect Customer data and communications during transmissions between a customer’s network and our platform, including through Transport Layer Encryption (TLS) leveraging at least 2048-bit RSA server certificates and 128-bit symmetric encryption keys at a minimum. All data, including Customer student data, is transmitted between data centers for replication purposes only across a dedicated, encrypted link utilizing AES-256 encryption. Additionally, all student data in our platform is encrypted at rest utilizing Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).


What reporting features are available?

Savvas Realize provides real-time student and class data, including standards mastery, overall progress, and time on task. Access is role-based for analyzing student progress through on-demand reports at the test level, student level, or whole-class view to assist in making instructional decisions.  These roles include:

  • District Administrator— See data from student and teacher accounts at all schools within your district
  • School Administrator— See data from student and teacher accounts within your school
  • Teacher— See data for students enrolled in your classes