Features and Benefits

For courses in Introductory Statistics (algebra-based).

Gets students thinking statistically from the start

Stats: Modeling the World  leads with practical data analysis and graphics to engage students and encourage them to think in a statistical context. Current, relevant examples and data, along with the authors' signature "Think, Show, and Tell" method, help students approach a question, solve the problem and communicate meaning.

The 6th Edition updates and adds examples, exercises and data throughout, with access to the data where possible. Many examples and exercises are based on recent news stories, articles, and other sources, with many listed so students can explore them further.

Hallmark features of this title:

  • Step By Step Examples emphasize thinking about a question, calculating results, and reporting findings (Think, Show, and Tell). Most are based on recent news stories, articles, and other real-world sources.
  • Hundreds of exercises include the most recent data.
  • What Have We Learned? chapter-ending study guides review key concepts and terms.
  • Practice Exams after each part offer both multiple-choice and free response questions.
  • Simulations in almost every chapter introduce a new topic, illustrate a concept, or help analyze data when traditional methods are insufficient.
  • TI Tips show how to use TI-84 Plus CE Statistics functions with the StatWizard operating system. TI-Nspire Activities identify demonstrations and investigations for TI-Nspire handhelds.

New and updated features of this title:

  • Updated examples, exercises, and data:
    • The innovative Think/Show/Tell Step-by-Step examples are revised with new contexts and data.
    • Hundreds of new exercises have been added, and many existing exercises are updated with the most recent data. Wherever possible those data are provided on the resource site or through MyMathLab for School.. Many of the examples and exercises are based on recent news stories, research articles, and other real sources, with many sources listed so students can explore them further.
  • Full inclusion of all new topics in the revised AP Statistics syllabus so teachers and students can prepare for the exam without needing to supplement the text.
    • The new topics range from new graphical tools like the cumulative distribution plot to stricter guidelines on how to carry out some hypothesis tests.
    • Every change is reflected in the exercises as well as the text, to give students opportunities to practice what they've learned.

Features of MyMathLab® for School for the 6th Edition:

  • The Instructor's Edition eText: a page-for-page eText of the Instructor's Edition, available in the Instructor Resources section of MyMathLab for School..
  • Study Slides: PowerPoint® slides featuring key ideas and examples, available for students within the Video & Resource Library. These slides are compatible with screen readers.
  • New Applets that help students understand a wide range of topics covered in introductory statistics, enabling them to further explore data in interactive versions of the distribution tables and test the randomization inference methods described in the book. New Applet Exercises use the enhanced applets to solve key statistical questions as students explore real-world, modern data through simulations.
  • Updated real data exercises with jittering applied where necessary to ensure appropriate variation.
  • New Personal Inventory Assessments are online exercises that help promote self reflection, and include topics such as a Stress Management Assessment and Time Management Assessment.