Savvas Literacy Screener & Diagnostic Assessments

Next-Level Student Growth for K-8 students 

Each student entering your classroom is unique–with individual strengths and learning needs. A student’s path to success should be just as personal. The new Literacy Screener & Diagnostic Assessments, available on the Savvas Realize Platform, are designed to maximize the power of instruction by targeting each student’s greatest opportunities for growth and pairing that data with instructional resources.


Literacy Screener and Diagnostic Assessments that Work Together

Multistage Diagnostic literacy Screener and Literacy Diagnostic Assessment, literacy assessments that identify performance gaps.

Universal Screener

A short screening assessment identifies proficiency in prerequisite ELA/literacy skills.

Multistage Adaptive Diagnostic literacy Screener and Literacy Diagnostic Assessment.

An adaptive diagnostic assessment digs deeper to pinpoint strengths and growth opportunities.

Scoring & Flexible Instructional Recommendations

Norm-referenced student data generates on-, above-, or below-level instructional content suggestions.



Developed in Partnership with WestEd
WestEd’s leadership and psychometric expertise ensure item validity and assessments are unbiased and equitable. WestEd logo

Efficacy and Efficiency

Personalized for Efficacy and Efficiency
The adaptive format limits time spent on testing while improving test reliability.

Single Sign-on and Seamless Integration

Single Sign-on and Seamless Integration
Easy accessibility to the universal Savvas Literacy Screener and Diagnostic Assessments from the Savvas Realize™ platform, including access to new instructional content for every student.



Test Less, Teach More
Quickly identify student needs with a short, accessible screener.

Instructional Recommendations

Flexible Instructional Recommendations
Results from the Diagnostic make specific instructional recommendations for every learner.

Robust Data Reporting

Robust Data Reporting
In-depth views of student learning are available by district, school, class and individual student. Compare performance with the norm-referenced assessment.

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