Features and Benefits

  • Language and culture woven together Realia, art, photographs, chants, rhymes, and trabalenguas are uniquely woven together in practice or activities throughout each chapter, making it easy to teach language and culture together!
  • Video at the beginning, middle, and end of chapters The REALIDADES Video Program A/B/1 and 2 feature three separate video segments per chapter: the A primera vista language input segments, two or three GramActiva video segments, and the motivating storyline mystery videos ¿Eres tú, Maria? (REALIDADES B/1) and En Busca de la verdad (REALIDADES 2).
  • Complete chapter review and test preparation Each chapter ends with a summary of vocabulary and grammar, a test preparation page that outlines the chapter test, and an online self-test.
  • Reteaching and review across levels REALIDADES offers a unique thematic approach to reteach and review previously taught vocabulary and grammar. The A ver si recuerdas section in REALIDADES 2 and 3 uses word webs, visuals, and charts for point-of-need review of content related to the upcoming theme and chapters.