The Consortium for Foundation Mathematics is a group of mathematics educators, all originally from New York State, who first came together at SUNY Oswego in the summer of 1995 as part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant. The members of the group represented two-year and four-year colleges; commuter and residential colleges; large urban institutions and small rural institutions; and multi-campus as well as single campus institutions.

Unified by a desire to change the status quo in order to further student success, the group’s initial objectives aimed at a new approach to developmental math that included contextual problem-solving, active collaborative learning, and authentic assessment tied more closely to real-world skills. The efforts of this initial grant resulted in new instructional materials that formed the basis of Consortium’s texts, which include range from Prealgebra to Intermediate Algebra, as well as high school titles. As one Consortium author noted, contributing to this series with its different approach “changed my views about math, and about teaching math.” Of the 16 instructors originally involved in the grant, eight instructors contribute to the latest editions of the text.