Features and Benefits

Reach every student by pairing this text with MyMathLab® for School

MyMathLab® for School is the teaching and learning platform that empowers you to reach every student. By combining trusted author content with digital tools and a flexible platform, MyMathLab for School personalizes the learning experience and improves results for each student. Bringing Elayn Martin-Gay’s voice and approach into the MyMathLab for School course — through video resources, study skills support, and exercises refined with each edition — gives students the support to be successful in math. 

About the book

Elayn Martin-Gay is known for her accessible writing style with built-in study skills and support.

  • An emphasis on study skillsis incorporated through the text.
    • In-text study skills resources include Section 1.1, Tips for Success in Mathematics, in which Elayn covers important strategies for success, with videos to motivate for each objective.
    • Additional in-text resources include the Student Resources section in the back of the text, which include Study Skill Builders, a Study Guide Outline, and Practice Final Exam.
  • Detailed step-by-step examples provide guidance for students, and practice margin exercises are paired with each example to actively involve students in the learning process.
  • Helpful Hints, strategically placed where students are most likely to need immediate reinforcement, help students avoid common trouble areas and mistakes.
  • All exercise sets have been carefully updated with this revision. Several special types of exercises throughout the text include Mixed Practice, Concept Extension, and more!

Features in the text ensure that students reinforce concepts and tie skills together.

  • Concept Checks throughout the section allow students to gauge their grasp of an idea as it is presented. By stressing conceptual understanding at point-of-use, the Concept Checks help prevent misconceived notions for important topics.
  • Integrated Review mid-chapter exercise sets provide students with mixed review, giving them the chance to assimilate new concepts they’ve learned over several sections.
  • Vocabulary, Readiness, and Video Check questionsprecede each section’s exercise set, and check their understanding of the section they’ve just covered, or that they’ve truly watched the section video that was assigned.
    • Updated! All Vocabulary, Readiness, & Video Check questions are now assignable in MyMathLab for School. The Vocabulary and Readiness Check questions now are available in Drag and Drop format, giving students a more interactive way to answer these questions.

End-of-chapter student support helps students prepare at their most teachable moment — when preparing for a test.

  • NEW! Getting Ready for the Testexercises precede each Chapter Test to check students’ conceptual understanding of the topics in the chapter. These multiple choice or matching questions not only check for understanding, but also aim to catch common errors.
    • New! Video Solutions of all Getting Ready for the Test exercises can be found in MyMathLab for School. These video solutions contain brief explanations and reminders of material in the chapter. Where applicable, incorrect choices contain explanations.
    • New! Premade Learning Catalytics questions are available for the Getting Ready for the Test exercises marked in blue. Learning Catalytics description.
  • Additional end-of-chapter material includes Chapter Highlights, Chapter Review exercises, Mixed Review, a Chapter Test, and Cumulative Review. Chapter Test Prep Videos cover the solutions for all exercises in the text’s Chapter Test.

Reach every student with MyMathLab for School

  • Updated! Martin-Gay’s signature video program has been expanded with more resources. All videos are presented by Elayn Martin-Gay to ensure 100% consistency with the texts. The following types of videos are available:
    • Section lecture videoshighlight key examples and exercises. Shorter, objective-level video clips are also available for student ease of use, and easier instructor assignability.
      • Interactive Concept Checks measure students’ understanding of key concepts and common trouble spots. After the viewer selects an answer from several multiple-choice options, Martin-Gay explains why the answer is correct or incorrect.
      • Assignable Video Check questions assess whether students have viewed and understood the key concepts presented in the videos.
    • NEW! Getting Ready for the Test video solutions cover the Getting Ready for the Test exercises in the text, and contain brief explanations and reminders of material in the chapter. Where applicable, incorrect choices contain explanations.
    • The Chapter Test Prep Videos help students during their most teachable moment–when they are preparing for a test. This Martin-Gay innovation provides step-by-step solutions for the exercises found in each Chapter Test.
    • Complete video solutions for all exercises from the Practice Final Exam (located in Student Resources) help students prepare for the real thing. Overview segments review key problem-solving strategies.
    • Student Success Tips videosare 3—5 minute segments, designed to be daily reminders to keep practicing effective organizational and study habits. These are organized into three categories:
      • Success Tips that apply to any college course, such as Time Management.
      • Success Tips that apply to any mathematics course, such as understanding that math requires homework to be completed in a timely fashion, as concepts build on previously learned material.
      • Section or Content-specific Success Tips to help students avoid common mistakes or understand challenging concepts, such as applying the order of operations to simplify an expression.
    • NEW! Learning Catalytics, now available through MyMathLab for School, is an interactive, student response tool that uses students’ smartphones, tablets, or laptops to engage them in more sophisticated tasks and thinking.
      • NEW! Getting Ready for the Test exercises marked in blue are premade and available to use with Learning Catalytics.

Instructors can opt for two different workbooks to complete the Martin-Gay program:

  • The Video Organizer is a note-taking guide to be used with the Martin-Gay videos. Students are encouraged to take notes and work practice problems while watching the lecture series in MyMathLab for School.
    • The Video Organizer provides ample space for students to write down key definitions and rules throughout the lectures, and “Play” and “Pause” button icons prompt students to follow along with Elayn for some exercises while they try others on their own.
  • NEW! Key Concept and Activity Lab Workbook is a great way to engage students in conceptual projects and exploration, as well as group work. The Workbook includes Extension Exercises, Exploration Activities, Conceptual Exercises, and Group Activities.