Features and Benefits

For courses in Intermediate Algebra.

Every student can succeed.

Elayn Martin-Gay's firm belief that each student can succeed shapes all of her texts and video resources. The needs of the student inspire her clear, accessible writing, continued pedagogical innovations, and her popular and effective video instruction. She knows that students don't simply need to be taught math skills; they also need soft skills support that teaches them how to be students. Intermediate Algebra,8th Edition continues her focus on student success by tightening the connection between her hallmark math instruction and emphasis on study skills, blending them in a new video series.

Hallmark features of this title:

  • Concept Checks help students gauge their grasp of an idea as it is presented and help prevent misconceptions.
  • Exercise sets include Guided Applications, Mixed Practice, Concept Extension, and Vocabulary, Readiness & Video Checks.
  • A study skills focus helps students make the most of study time. Resources include Section 1.1 Tips for Success in Mathematics, a Video Notebook to encourage good note-taking, and study skills resources.
  • End-of-chapter material helps students reinforce concepts in the most teachable moment: when preparing for a test. Getting Ready for the Test exercises help students check their understanding and avoid common errors.

New and updated features of this title:

  • Thoroughly examined and revised Exercise Sets feature a special focus on carefully pairing even- and odd-numbered exercises.
  • Real-life applications and data are made current to keep content relevant for today's students. Updated applications include social media use, stock share prices, and job growth predictions.
  • Updated Extension Exercises, Exploration Activities, Conceptual Exercises, and Group Activities are provided in the Key Concept Activity Workbook. This workbook is available through MyMathLab for School.
  • The Video Notebook has been updated to reflect updates made to the videos lectures. This note-taking guide workbook provides students with the all-important skill of taking and keeping organized notes. It covers all video examples in order and gives prompts with ample space to note definitions and rules.