A Survey of Mathematics with Applications, 11th Edition

For courses in Liberal Arts Math, Contemporary Mathematics, or Survey of Mathematics. 

Everyday math in everyday language

Survey of Mathematics with Applications is a text students can read, understand, and enjoy while learning how mathematics affects the world around them — particularly majors in the liberal arts, social sciences, business, nursing, and allied health fields. With straightforward language, detailed examples, and interesting applications, the authors demonstrate the real-life nature of mathematics and its importance in students’ lives. The 11th Edition offers Integrated Review within MyMathLab® for School  – along with updated data throughout, revised Technology Tips, new Downloadable Data sets, and more. 

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Discipline: AP® Honors & Electives, Mathematics

Copyright: 2021

Funding Sources: ESSER

Angel, A Survey of Mathematics with Applications, 11e ©2021

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