Stats In Your World, 3rd Edition

For courses in Introductory Statistics (algebra-based).

Gets students thinking statistically from the start

Clear, accessible, and teachable, Stats In Your World leads with practical data analysis and graphics to engage students and get them to think in a statistical context. Through updated, relevant examples and data – and the authors’ signature Think, Show, and Tell problem-solving method – students learn how to approach a question, solve the problem, and communicate meaning.

In the 3rd Edition, the authors introduce a greater emphasis on simulations as a powerful pedagogical tool. Through early exploration of key statistical ideas, these simulations make it easier for instructors to teach and for students to understand more complicated concepts later in the course. Accompanying applets give students the opportunity to explore important ideas, providing greater conceptual depth that will prepare them to apply their statistical knowledge in this course and beyond.

Works with MyMathLab for School and StatCrunch.  All tech packages include StatCrunch, the online statistics software for classroom use.


Discipline: AP® Honors & Electives, Mathematics

Copyright: 2020

Grade(s): 9 - 12

Program Type: Core

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Device: Computer

Operating System: Windows, Mac OS

Funding Sources: ESSER


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