Features and Benefits

The 14th Edition includes high-interest new content — such as the Pearson Originals docuseries, Applying Sociology to Your Life feature boxes, Hearing from Students videos, and Hearing from the Author audio clips. New! Updated contemporary topics reflect our global society where national and global changes are all around us.

  • Pedagogical tools, including Chapter-opening vignettes and Learning Objectives, have been designed to convey important lessons allowing students to improve their understanding of the core narrative.
  • Six central themes run throughout this text: down-to-earth sociology, applying sociology to your students’ life, globalization, cultural diversity, critical thinking about social life, and the new technology.
  • New! Applying Sociology to Your Life boxes contextualize core concepts by providing students with real examples of how they can apply sociology to their own life.
  • Contemporary topics that reflect our global society where national and global changes are all around us.
  • Sociology and Technology: The Shifting Landscape boxes explore how technology affects our lives as it changes society.
  • Integrated coverage of globalization throughout the text enables students to explore the impact of global issues on our lives and on the lives of people around the world.
  • Eight Through the Author’s Lens photos essays, taken by author Jim Henslin in Austria, Cambodia, and other locations, expand students’ sociological imaginations, opening their minds to other ways of doing social life and stimulating thought-provoking class discussion.
  • Annotated Teacher Edition provides complete coverage of student content, annotated with helpful suggested activities and references to assets in MyLab® Sociology.
  • New! Correlation grid showing content alignment to the American Sociological Association curriculum.

MyLab Sociology is a learning and assessment tool that enables teachers to assess student performance and adapt course content— without investing additional time or resources. Teachers decide the extent of integration—from independent self assessment for students to total course management.

Students benefit from an easy-to-use site, with Pearson eText and complete audio book, where they can test themselves on key content, track their progress, and utilize individually tailored study plans. 

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