The Western Heritage Since 1300

The Western Heritage Since 1300 features an exceptionally clear narrative that integrates social and cultural history into a strong political framework and reinforces themes that are fundamental to Western civilization. This program emphasizes the analysis of primary sources supported by Document-Based Questions (DBQs).

  • A correlation for the College Board’s Curriculum Framework for AP® European History can be found online at
  • New! AP Exam-style Test Bank and four additional DBQs with seven sources are available for teachers within MyLab® History.
  • New! Test Prep Workbook for AP® includes tools to ensure student success on the exam, including two full AP practice tests. 

MyLab History with Pearson eText Is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive web resource that is organized according to the contents of our textbook and brings history to life through preloaded sample tests and personalized study plans. MyLab History offers numerous study aids, chapter review material, primary sources, video clips, maps, map activities with quizzes, and test prep practice for the AP Exam. All student work can be tracked in the teacher’s online gradebook.


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