Celebrāte! Celebrēs Lēctiōnē
AP Latin Curriculum

Prepare for the AP Latin Exam with Digital Latin Readers

Latin is alive and well on the award-winning Savvas Realize™ digital platform. Celebrāte! Celebrēs Lēctiōnēs is an easy-to-use digital AP Latin course that brings together two essential works of Latin literature, Vergil’s Aeneid and Caesar’s Gallic Wars. The course prepares students for the AP® Exam by helping them read, analyze, and understand the Latin texts. Also a great course for intermediate Latin students, Celebrāte! Celebrēs Lēctiōnēs pairs well with our Latin program Ecce Romani or any Latin course. Find all our Latin resources in one location on Savvas Realize. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Celebrate! Celebres Lectiones is an AP Latin curriculum using digital Latin readers


A Song of War (Selections from Vergil’s Aeneid) AP Latin Exam Prep Reader

Introduce intermediate and advanced Latin students to Vergil’s epic of Ancient Rome, the Aeneid. This highly acclaimed textbook is now also an interactive digital eText on Realize. It contains all the required Latin passages and has been updated for the new AP Latin Exam.

  • Complete coverage of all selections
  • Contains all readings on the AP Latin Exam
  • The text’s readings are comprised of selections from Books 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, and 12, as well as Book 2 in its entirety.

Celebrate! Celebres Lectiones digital Latin, AP Latin curriculum and AP Latin Exam prep A Song of War sample.



A Call to Conquest (Selections from Caesar’s Gallic Wars) AP® Latin Exam Prep Reader

Here in all its splendor is Caesar’s Commentārī dē Bellō Gallicō, the classic account of the Gallic Wars. The text contains the required 52 chapters in Latin from Books 1, 4, 5, and 6 as well as the English translations from Books 1, 6, and 7. Passages prepare intermediate and advanced students for the new AP Latin Exam, including knowledge of Latin vocabulary, grammar and syntax, and overall comprehension. Available in eText or print book.

Celebrate! Celebres Lectiones digital Latin, AP Latin curriculum and AP Latin Exam prep A Call to Conquest sample.