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iLit20 Supplemental Literacy Program

Build Confidence and Reading Stamina.

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Reading volume matters. So does student choice.

Literacy guru and author Kelly Gallagher observes,
“There’s not enough books in schools. There’s not enough choice of books in schools. And there’s not enough time for kids to read in school.” 1


iLit20 is a supplemental literacy program that helps address these challenges and build reading stamina and confidence. A library of over 3000 digital texts is available for self-selected reading plus iLit20 can automatically assign 9 different tiers of leveled readers. Instant student data helps teachers follow students’ literacy journeys.

20 minutes of independent reading, 2-3 times a week, with iLit20 supplemental reading program.

Accomplish amazing and personalized goals!

2-3 times a week.
iLit20 supplemental reading program offers over 3,000 digital texts for self-selected reading.

Student Choice:
3,000+ digital texts for Self-Selected Reading

Your literacy routine likely includes required texts and selections. Go beyond that with iLit20. Student choice kicks up the motivational level and encourages student ownership and self-selected reading goals.


iLit20 offers 3000+ digital titles from beginning reader to 1900+ Lexile Level.

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Lexile® Leveled Texts—9 Tiers of Leveled Readers

Meet students where they are. iLit20 matches students with texts at just the right Lexile® Level. Checkpoints along the way apply student skills, provide instant feedback, and deliver increasingly complex texts.

iLit20 GRADE, screen in tablet.
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Support Student Independence with Accountability

How do you hold students accountable for their independent reading? iLit 20 tracks reading performance and growth in multiple-skill areas, so you get clear insights regarding students’ literacy journey.



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1 Krueger, Naomi. Gallagher: "Turning 'Fake Reading' Students Into Book Lovers." Books make a difference.