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SuccessMaker works the way you want.

Choose the default course, a custom path, or somewhere in between.

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SuccessMaker Adaptive Learning

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Support Student Growth and Personalize Instruction

Looking for ways to support student growth, personalize instruction, and use data? SuccessMaker plugs into all you do. You can use it for instructional interventions and small group differentiation, or pinpoint standards and skills for your whole class. SuccessMaker helps you improve the instructional experience by providing continuous performance data. You can even add print resources for homework and practice beyond the computer sessions. SuccessMaker is a smart way to work. Focus on priority skills and standards at each grade level.

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  • Provide intensive, standards-based intervention.
  • Manage your classroom time more effectively.
  • Assess progress with standards-mastery data.
  • Analyze student readiness for high-stakes tests.

SuccessMaker works in your classroom.

Use SuccessMaker as supplemental instruction for individual students, small groups, or the entire classroom.

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The automatic initial placement targets specific needs. The adaptive engine guides student progress through the course.

Small Group, icon

Group students based on performance using the dashboard data. You can create a custom course for each group.

Whole Group, icon

Pinpoint selected skills or standards and use an interactive whiteboard to project your screen for whole-class instruction.


SuccessMaker works on any device.

Use the most popular devices in school and at home.

SuccessMaker personalized learning supports all devices.


SuccessMaker works with your core programs.

Align adaptive learning to your instruction. How smart is that!

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SuccessMaker supports most core curriculum.