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SuccessMaker Reading helps students achieve growth from any starting point. It’s a “strong” evidence-based intervention under ESSA, with high-interest reading, tutorials, scaffolds, hints, videos, and minilessons. Because it’s adaptive, SuccessMaker continually differentiates instruction for all readers. It intervenes when there’s a learning gap, and it challenges independent readers who are ready for more. It’s CASE-certified for special education students.   

SuccessMaker Reading Instructional Model

SuccessMaker Reading personalized reading program and adaptive reading program Instructional Model infographic.

of learning opportunities.

SuccessMaker Reading includes 4000 learning objects; 1000 practice lessons; 30,000 assessment items; 50–1250 Lexile® levels.

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Aligns by skill or standard.

SuccessMaker keeps all students on pace to meet state English Language Arts standards. It aligns instruction to CCR standards, WIDA® Standards, and SIOP® Framework.

SuccessMaker Reading personalized reading program meets state English Language Arts (ELA) standards.


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Assesses deeper understanding.

SuccessMaker continuously monitors students without test stress. Students construct, select, and match items to demonstrate their understanding. TEIs prep for high-stakes tests.

SuccessMaker Reading monitors students and removes test anxiety.


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Encourages independent reading.

Close reading scaffolds and instructional support include an animated  “reading coach” to guide students. Read-to-me audio can be muted as students grow more independent.

SuccessMaker Reading monitors student development and encourages independent reading.


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Fits your ELA instructional block.

Use SuccessMaker in your reading workshop or literacy block to supplement instruction. Students have achieved statistically significant results in 15-20 minutes, 2-3 days a week. 

SuccessMaker Reading fits your supplemental ELA instruction.


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Connects to core.

Custom courses align to most core ELA programs, including myView Literacy. Maximize your effort to close skill gaps and accelerate reading growth and to motivate students to read for pleasure.

SuccessMaker Reading aligns to most Core ELA programs, including myView Literacy.


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Targets academic vocabulary.

Backed by vocabulary guru Elfrieda Hiebert, SuccessMaker builds academic language. It improves automaticity for understanding textbooks, assignments, tests, and classroom discourse.

SuccessMaker Reading, backed by Elfrieda Hiebert, builds academic language and targets academic vocabulary.

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SuccessMaker Reading 
Adaptive Reading Instruction

Accelerate K-8 Reading Proficiency


SuccessMaker Reading is an adaptive reading intervention program and reading program for dyslexia.Personalized Reading Instruction for English Learners , Students with Disabilities, and Striving Readers 

SuccessMaker® Reading does it all. It supports struggling readers, language learners, reading superstars, and every reader in class. SuccessMaker is the K-8 adaptive learning program that supplements your ELA/literacy instruction. While you’re working with small groups or individuals, SuccessMaker can work with your other students to provide guidance, remediation, fluency assessment, and independent practice – dynamically and interactively at their exact level.

“I started to like reading more and it’s made me a better reader.”

Student, Grade 5
Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District