Features and Benefits

Computer Science Features

Computer Science: An Overview, AP Edition uses broad coverage and clear exposition to present a complete picture of the dynamic computer science field. Accessible to students from all backgrounds, the authors encourage the development of a practical, realistic understanding of the field and teaches the fundamentals of computing to broaden their understanding of how computing and technology influence the world around them.

  • An overview of each of the important areas of Computer Science (e.g. Problem solving, Networking, OS, Computer Architecture, Algorithms, Programming, the Internet, etc.) that provides a general level of proficiency for future courses.
  • Follows a bottom-up arrangement of subjects that progresses from the concrete to the abstract—an order that results in a sound pedagogical presentation in which each topic leads to the next.
  • Individual chapters are independent and can be covered in an order that fits course preferences.
  • Uses Python programming for active learning, exploration and experimentation.
  • Ethical and legal aspects of areas such as Internet security, software engineering, and database technology teach students what they should know to be safe and responsible users of technology.

Built for success

  • This program is fully correlated to the new College Board’s AP® Computer Science Principles Curriculum Framework.

New to this Edition

  • NEW - Now in color! Figures and diagrams are more descriptive, and syntax coloring is used to clarify code and pseudocode segments.
  • NEW - Intersections with the new College Board Advanced Placement® Computer Science Principles (“CSP”) exam are highlighted throughout the text.
  • UPDATED - Revisions, updates, and corrections from the previous editions made throughout the text.