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MyMathLab® for School

Whether you are looking for digital support for your blended classroom, or a 100% digital solution, MyMathLab® for School is the world’s leading online tutorial and assessment program for teaching and learning mathematics.  Built around Pearson’s best-selling content, MyMathLab for School courses provide you with:

  • Personalized and adaptive learning
  • Interactive practice with immediate feedback
  • Flexible course designs to fit your course
  • Comprehensive gradebook with enhanced reporting
  • Complete eText, accessible anywhere with the Pearson eText app

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*included with and MathXL for School or MyMathLab for School package

StatCrunch is the first Web-based data analysis tool designed for teaching statistics, allowing users to perform complex analyses, share data sets, and generate compelling reports. Collect and upload data sets, search the vast library of more than 15,000 shared data sets, or quickly create an online survey to collect data on any topic. Crunch the data with the StatCrunch data analysis tool that provides users with an extensive list of statistical operations to help them study and draw conclusions from their data. Interactive graphics help users understand statistical concepts. These graphics are available for export to enrich reports with visual representations of data.