College Physics Explore and Apply

Help students learn physics by doing physics.


College Physics: Explore and Apply, published by Pearson, allows students to build a deep and robust conceptual understanding of physics by encouraging them to take an active role in the learning process. Through this approach, students build a strong conceptual foundation via observation, analysis, and testing that leads to confidence in applying their knowledge to complex situations.


Pedagogically Driven Design and Content

NEW! A fresh and modern design with a more transparent hierarchy of features and navigation structure, along with an engaging chapter opener page and streamlined chapter summary, result in a more user-friendly resource, both for learning and for reference. This pedagogical approach is called ISLE – the Investigative Science Learning Environment –and it is totally consistent with the goals of the Next Generation Science Standards and the College Board’s AP® Course and Exam Description.


An Active Learning Approach to College Physics

UPDATED! Observational Experiment Tables and Testing Experiment Tables have been redesigned for clarity. These tables encourage students to explore science through active discovery and critical thinking, constructing robust conceptual understanding.

EXPANDED! Approximately 150 experiment photos and 40 videos have been added to the textbook, as well as embedded in the Pearson eText that enhance the active learning approach.

REVISED! The Active Learning Guide aligns with the textbook’s chapters and supplements the knowledge-building approach of the textbook with activities that provide opportunities for further observation, testing, sketching, and analysis as well as collaboration, scientific reasoning, and argumentation. This guide can be used in class for individual or group work or assigned as homework and is now better integrated with the text. Now available via download in the Mastering Instructor Resource Center.


Practical and Consistent

A four-step problem-solving approach in worked examples consistently uses multiple representations to teach students how to solve complex physical problems students follow the steps of Sketch & Translate, Simplify & Diagram, Represent Mathematically, and Solve& Evaluate to translate a problem statement into the language of physics.


Mastering® Physics from Pearson for College Physics: Explore and Apply

The Mastering platform is the most effective and widely used online homework, tutorial, and assessment system for the sciences. It delivers self-paced tutorials that focus on your course objectives, provide individualized coaching, and respond to each student’s progress. Some features include:

  • The Physics Primer remediates students’ math skills in the contexts of physics to prepare them for their physics course
  • Direct Measurement Videos help students visualize word problems and connect lecture and lab content.
  • Interactive Animated Videos provide an engaging overview of topics with embedded assessment to help students check their understanding and help educators identify areas of confusion.

For more information on Mastering physics with Pearson eText visit


Discipline: AP® Honors & Electives, Science

Copyright: 2019

Grade(s): 9 - 12

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)

Funding Sources: ESSER

College Physics: Explore and Apply 2nd Edition, AP® Edition ©2019 with Mastering® Physics with Pearson eText, Etkina et al.

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