Savvas EasyBridge

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Compare EasyBridge Options for Your School

Simplify your classroom rostering with one of the three EasyBridge options. EasyBridge is included in your school or district’s Savvas digital program subscription. Savvas EasyBridge Auto or EasyBridge Plus requires the assistance of a Savvas team to initially implement the solution for your district. Districts that are not EasyBridge Plus or EasyBridge Auto are, by default, EasyBridge Basic.Your Savvas account general manager can help you decide which option is best for you. Locate your Savvas contact now.


Savvas EasyBridge Levels


Current Customer Support

If you use Savvas learning platforms, then you are also an EasyBridge customer! School and District personnel responsible for rostering should visit to login or for announcements, training and support. EasyBridge Basic requires an administrator or “account gatekeeper” to help register teachers for new accounts. Learn more about the gatekeeper and the teacher registration process.



Savvas EasyBridge screen on laptop

Easy Access to Training and Technical Support

Teachers who need to manually register for their Savvas K-12 programs can find helpful tutorials and on-demand training free at Also find video tutorials and full technical support 24/7.